Friday, June 6, 2008


No, my topic is not about the famous restaurant. I will be talking about the famous line "Thank God it's Friday!". A lot of us look forward to this day because it's a day to end the whole week of work (not that we don't have to work at home!), the day to finally let out a sigh of relief after all the hard work and the stress we have at work. This is the day when there are plenty of people who go to restaurants, movies, malls, and most especially bars. For people who are working days, Friday night is the perfect night to go out and stay late. It's the time to sleep in the next day. My hubby always ask me, "Is it Friday yet?", then I would reply him with either "Almost..." or "Of course it's Friday yet!", I would answer him with "almost" even if it's still Monday or any day but Friday so that he'll feel good (he knows that of course). Then I would answer him with "Of course it's Friday yet!"(with the word yet in it just to copy the last word of his question), also to make him feel good. This has been a light joke for us giving a big significance on the day Friday which means getting closer to the weekend.

Friday derived from the Anglo-Saxon word frigedaeg, which is a combination of two words, being a goddess Fria in old German and daeg which means day in old English. For the Muslims, Friday is the Sabbath day and it's the equivalent to Sunday for Christians going to church and worshipping. Moreover, it's a day in memory of Christ's death, hence a day of fasting and prayer.

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