Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The City of Golden Friendship

My native hometown, Cagayan de Oro City is known to be the City of Golden Friendship. Its history dates back even before the Spaniards came. It's one of the fastest growing cities in the Philippines. There's a lot to do in this city, among them is white-water rafting which is becoming famous not only to locals but also to foreigners visiting the city. Among other highlights of the said city is the Eco-Tourism Village where you can find a variety of animals in their natural habitats and also a park with a hotel that's over-looking the city and the Macajalar Bay. For golf enthusiasts, there's a world-class golf and country club which is located minutes from the airport.

I basically grew up in this city. It has low crime rate and "Kagay-anons" (as what the people of Cagayan de Oro is called) are approachable and friendly that's why I am proud of it. Some years ago, Night Cafe was started in town. This is an event every Friday to Saturday evening until dawn. One will find foods mostly barbeque and drinks in stalls spread out on three blocks. You'll also find live band for those who like listening to music. I remember my mother used to love sitting in the park and just listen to the band playing. After a few years, Night Market was added in which everything imaginable is spread out in another three blocks. This is the place where you'll see different kinds of people from all walks in life. What amazes me is seeing people with their whole family eating together and just being together having fun. Most often, you'll also find the city mayor roaming around the vicinity.

Another tourist spot has been inaugurated, the MacArthur Memorial Marker located in the Macabalan Wharf. The said event was also attended by the US Ambassador to the Philippines. This will be one place that I'm sure to visit next time I go home to my beloved hometown that I miss so dearly.

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Man's Best Friend

"Man's best friend", a common saying that anybody who hears it can only think of one thing, dogs. They are indeed our best friend. There are a lot of stories or news about dogs saving the lives of their owner. They are good company especially when you're alone at home, you can always count on them to be there for you. To cite a concrete example, our yorkie has been here for more than a decade. Way before I even knew my husband, Chelsea (our dog) has been there with him. Then I arrived here, I can say that without her, I would definitely feel lonesome and more homesick. Of course every dog requires training or house-breaking after they first arrive in your home. They need to be taught how to not pee or do their "thing" inside our house and on the expensive carpet!lol

I remember before when I wasn't here yet, my cousin has a dog and she cared for it so much but not to the extent of how I see dogs being taken cared of here. In short, this is the first time that I really take care of one, preparing her foods and feeding her, walking with her when the weather is nice, and just simply play and baby her. A couple of months ago, I was doing exercise at home and she found me on the floor and I saw in her eyes and gestures that she was worried about what's happening to me because she nudged her nose on me and trying for me to get up. This alone is a gesture that they do care for us as much as we do for them.

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Who could it be?

I am currently watching a modeling show on television. All of the remaining would-be models are all pretty and of course sexy! After all that's the most important factor to be a model, right? To be sexy! However, is that really the most essential factor? In every tests that they have undergone, they're also judged by their over-all personality. So having a good personality would really make you stand out among others. Moreover, in every challenge, learning to follow instructions should be starting trait because one's not going anywhere if she don't follow what the judges have instructed. I like watching the show because eventhough I am not into high fashion myself, I still admire all the girls, the photoshoots and all the glamour that goes with it. It's a show that stirs up anxiousness especially when there's few girls left and a lot has been eliminated already. It keeps you wondering who could really stand out and show to the judges as well as to everyone that she is in fact worthy for the coveted title that a lot has wanted to be. It keeps you wondering "Who could it be?".

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A well-deserved vacation

Two more nights to go and my husband and I are off to the Sunshine State! I am excited since this will be the 7th state that I have been to, being new to Uncle Sam's country, I have been counting my visits. Since we got married, this is our first time to have a whole week vacation. All this time, my husband has worked so hard to make ends meet. On weekends, which are his rest days, you'll find him working around the house so if he's not holding a tool in his hand, he's on the computer paying bills. Having said that, the only way that he can have a real rest is to get out of the house and go somewhere. We all deserve a vacation sometimes. Like the old saying, "All work and no play makes Jack dull" (I think that's how it goes!) Anyways, the point of the matter is that our body needs to rest sometimes because the last thing that we want is for it to retire on us. Furthermore, coming from the Midwest, a visit to any state in a coastal area, just watching the sun rise or as it set in the horizon, and walking along the beach, feeling the sand in your bare feet, hearing the splashing of the waves as it meet the shore, would really prove so relaxing.

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