Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Photographs and Memories

Today my in-laws and I went to my hubby's grandmother's apartment to get stuffs because she was transferred to an assisted home. We were to pick-up things that she can't use anymore. While I was looking through the things in the cabinets, I found several albums full of pictures, mostly old pictures and pictures in frames. The pictures were amazing! I even found an album of my in-laws wedding and I can't wait to show it to my husband. He said he has not seen them in years. Looking at the pictures made me smile especially those of my hubby when he was still a kid wearing that sheepish grin!lol

Photographs are one of the very effective ways of capturing each treasured memory. They can stay with us in good shape as long as we take very good care of them. For instance, I still have my mother's pictures when she was still so young and they are still clear enough to be able to know who she was with in those pictures. Each photograph that we take and keep is a story of our lives and our moments with our loved ones. They are the captions of not only the special events in our lives but the everyday events as well that are just as good. Photographs really do have sentimental values for the events that happen in our lives because such events are unique in their own way and they just happen once.

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