Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Debut Tradition

Debut(among other meanings), refer to an event where a debutante(who is the celebrant) is introduced to the society as an adult. The event can be a ball dance. In the Philippines, it is an awaited moment for young women to turn 18. It's in this age that they'll be celebrating their debut.

A debut is held in a hotel's ballroom or any restaurant. It's a big party with foods and drinks and most especially the cake which is one of the highlights. Another highlght would be showing a video or compiled pictures of the debutante that are arranged in chronological order. The guests include the families, relatives, and friends who are all dressed properly for the debut especially the young ladies and guys who are part of the 18 Roses Dance and 18 Candles. The 18 Roses Dance is a part of the event wherein the debutante dances the traditional waltz(or any dance that the debutante decides on) with 18 men each one offering a fresh-cut rose to the debutante. The first dance of the debutante would be with her father. Then there's the 18 Candles Presentation wherein 18 ladies light candles which signifies guidance to the debutante as she enters maturity and adulthood. Upon presenting the candles, each lady expresses her wishes to the debutante. At the end of the program, the debutante makes a speech and expresses her gratitudes to her parents and families who made the arrangements of the debut and for their significance in her life as well as to her friends who gets to share the important event with her.

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