Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our 3-in-1 present

I talked to my cousin yesterday and she asked if I received any package, then I said none so far and asked her if she sent me a car or something, she said it's a package from President Bush!lol Half an hour later, I saw the UPS truck pulling in our driveway, then I got excited! By the way, I always do when I receive packages, even if it's just a letter. It was a long box and I was getting curious of what could it be. I was not really sure if it was what my cousin was talking about because there was no name outside the box. Then I opened it and it was from her. It's actually 3 dozens of roses and a vase. I was surprised because it's a lot of flowers! The message on the card said a belated happy birthday to my hubby, a belated mother's day to me (as if I'm a mom already! I guess our yorkie counts? lol), then an advance anniversary to both of us. Hence, it's actually a 3-in-1 present!lol I then called my husband about it and we both thought how sweet of my cousin to send us such a lovely gift. I already displayed it on our dining table. There's just nothing as beautiful as fresh flowers! It just brings wonderful scent to the room. hhhhmmmmm......

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1 comment:

Sarah Krishna Veni said...

well you should take a picture of it and post it. wld love to see it.