Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nature's Wrath

The Midwest series of storms and torrential rains have left serious flooding. Major rivers have long reached their crests and overflowing already causing the flood. The flooding also affected as far north as Minnesota and Wisconsin where some houses were literally flushed away. Parts of Indiana and Illinois are flooded that's affecting both residential and agricultural fields. The plantation of produce have been delayed because of the series of storms that swamped the fields. In Iowa, there's up to 100 blocks downtown that's affected by the flooding which was due to a broken levee on the Cedar River. Thousands of people are evacuated from their homes. Hospitals and establishments in Iowa's second-largest city the Cedar Rapids, are flooded that people use boats in rescue missions.

Not only were there storms and flooding in the Midwest but a series of tornadoes as well. It has destroyed fields and people's houses that left them homeless. Still in Iowa, a tornado killed four young boys during their boy scouts camp. One boy who survived said "It's probably the longest 8 seconds in my life", when interviewed about what happened when the tornado hit the area.

After all of the nature's rage, prices of produce that are common in the Midwest such as corn and soybeans, are expected to go higher as they already are.

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